Concrete proposals
leave space to fantasy. From the hotels to residential area, from projects related to  hospitality to important projects for public entities. Lupo has created a special area for the contract sector. A new challenge was accepted to realize cut to measure products for architects, personalized systems which follow the modern process of customization. This ambitious project was supported by the internal projecting department and production. The first step is the research and the introduction of special finishing which are not in mass-production. Behind the process there is the close dialogue with the designer and architects. The aim is to give a turnkey service. The company participates step by step of the project: from idea to production, from the study of applications to the installation and problem- solving.

The most important sector is represented by the sale of components. Accessories for blinds are studied on detail. At your disposal a wide range of pieces which are made by advanced systems of production. Modern systems are developed to meet customer needs. Trendy blinds, new and classic,  but also components for insect screens and cut to measure fabrics. Dekora now is a leader in the Italian and international market.  Its customer are  fitters, upholsterers and the big retailers, but not only. From components to finished products sale.


Dekora offers to its customers high quality products and services with a steady updating of production systems and the research for the highest standards. The controls on the products and work processes are strict and they ensure durability and functionality of "Lupo” systems over time. Innovative and safe product: the attention is to customer needs. New ideas and additional solutions from a team of skilled persons looking for new goals.

Targeted assistance and face to face with the customer
are the first steps to satisfy all the needs. Quick answer and direct contact through the call center and a wide network of international and national selling agents. The internal resources are specialized in specific areas: from sales of components to contract area. Specially designed systems to meet the individual requests.

The trends of the market  push the company to develop its promotion tools and its brand with the introduction of a team of new experts in the field of communication. The aims are the following:

To increase the competitiveness of the company by pushing the commercial department
The creation of targeted proposals to the market trends and business
To improve the visibility of the company and to increase sales opportunities
To distinguish “Lupo” trademark and to stress its strong points



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